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Code of Conduct

In the Supplier Code of Conduct we have summarized what we do believe is essential guidelines for all our Suppliers.
In our company we strive to fulfil the contents in these guidelines, and we expect all companies in our Supply Chain to do the same.
If anyone involved in our Supply Chain identifies a need for Whistleblowing* within the AnVa KSG business line, don’t hesitate to contact one or more of the following persons that are identified as contact persons in the internal whistleblower policy:
  • MD AnVa KSG, Tomas Wahlberg
  • CEO of the AnVa Group, Per Andersson
  • Chairman of the AnVa Group: Per Vannesjö
* Whistleblowing means that anyone in the organization or outside will notify us that it occurs, will occur or has occurred some form of serious misconduct in the business that could cause damage to the company